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Chiraag Jyoti Majta (born 15 September,1992) is a Himachali-Uttrakhandi ( Pahari) folk singer , lyricist , composer and a practising advocate at the High Court of Himachal Pradesh,Shimla . His career has included critical and popular songs mainly concerned to North Indian folk . Making his debut at his teenage of just around 19 in the year of 2013-14 he gave his first super hit song ‘Jouta-Badhaal Ka Boir’ from his very first 9 songs album ‘ASHA-Apka Ashirwaad’, the title being dedicated to his mother , Asha. Since then he has charted around 40 traditional as well as posthumous tragic/death songs mainly confined to traditions , customs , practices , legends and folklores across North-Western Himalyas mainly Mahasuvi culture. After this album he came up with his second album ‘ASHAYEIN-The Folk Note’ giving hits like ‘Madho Singh’, ‘Dundi’ etc. , ‘PARAMPARA’ including ‘Handau Minya Tikmeya’ , ‘Maesti Garibi’ etc. and currently the fourth ‘DASTOOR’ giving his noticeable presence in songs ‘Gadhi-Madhuram’ , ‘ O Deva Raziya’ , ‘ Suri Rey Hue Umro’ , ‘ Meri Paraunthi’ etc

Early life and family

Chiraag was born in Solan ( H.P.) on September 15th , 1992 , the younger of two children. His father Prem C. Jyoti is a retired lecturer of Yoga and a famous national Yoga instructor , coach , judge , administrator and publisher and is currently known for his progressive apple-farming skills while his mother Asha Jyoti is a nurse at a government hospital at Shimla . Of ‘Mavi’ clan among the Himalyan Hindu Kshatriyas , Chiraag adopts his nativity from KARASA ( paternal ) village of Rohru tehsil and KAINA ( maternal ) village of Jubbal tehsils of Shimla . As a child Chiraag along with his elder sister Richa Jyoti Majta was raised up by his parents at Shimla surrounded by modern modes of lifestyle. He was schooled at Ankur Day School , the famous D.A.V. New Shimla , where he did his 10th from , spent his most of his school life and got inculcated with the music ethics and did his 12th from Chandigarh.

He has stated it many times that it was his winter vacations when he used to visit his native village mainly , maternal village Kaina , he learned the songs of heroics and legends from his elderly grandparents namely L.R. Chanta and Dhanwati Chanta . It was during these days when he dwelled an interest in himself as an ethically correct and conventional folk singer, learning the very basics of the singing style and other whereabouts of folk from his grandparents . It is important to mention here that at a very young age he mastered the skills of folk singing, nevertheless of the fact that he didn’t get many chances to interpret and interact his native traditional customs and practices, as till date he does not visit his natives too much. This fact embedded a feather on his crown as today , when every other singer is coming up with songs of such styles that they can easily be said, inspired from modern or say western music arrangements and presentations , Chiraag was noticed and adopted as a renaissance and reviver of the Mahasuvi folk , which truly is inspirational to all .

Career and controversies

Chiraag started his singing career as a hobby but had staunch ethics towards the traditional values and lyrically true , correct and appropriate temper towards his songs. His very first song ‘ Jouta-Badhaal Ka Boir’ of his first album ASHA made him an overnight eye-candy among the locals of Shimla . He debuted in the year of 2013 under the record label of A.R. Productions and music direction of the famous music director as well as his elderly teacher Surender Negi . The rest is history as after this duo gave a number of back to back critical hits recorded under labels of Music HunterZ , S.M. Records and currently C Folk . Now as an established brand he has launched his own production ,the ‘C Folk’ which released the album named ‘Zebau Da Rupaiya’ by famous Pahari singer Surender Sharma and has also launched his own personal website i.e. www.cfolk.in on 15th September,2018 , the first singer to own his respective website , as far as Himachal is concerned . He is the star that is eagerly anticipated for his new releases as on a very large scale he has attracted the new generation towards him and his singing patterns .
As far as controversies are recorded , Chiraag is said to be very a straight forward persona and treat the things they deserve best . He sings pure and true lyrics and sometimes it is said that some of’em have even offended the concerned people but somehow have accepted Chiraag as the true folk-singer as it gets clear from his quotes and interviews that he doesn’t sing for a name or its fame but for the masses who have forgotten the ancient culture and traditions .
Chiraag, since his remarkable debut have been numerously approached for his live appearances and shows by many organisers but he only appeared a couple or so times because of his very hectic advocate’s schedule and other priorities . Controversies have also popped up as was alleged of being very rude and isolated nature but the best is known to himself .


In March,2018 reason best known to him he surprisingly announced his retirement from singing just after the release of his 3 centuries old song based on women immolation (Sati/Maesti) namely ‘ Maesti Sauki – Saui’ but was eventually persuaded by his fans to drop his retirement . And made a fantastic comeback with his soothing singing and released his fourth 7 songs album DASTOOR Non-Stop 2. Currently his 5th album GATHA is running successfully among the music charts of Himachal and Uttrakhand.

Religious beliefs

Raised up in an ethically strict Hindu-Kshatriya clan rules and regulations he is learned spiritual and religious person often observed making interactions at temples and so and is also a prominent learner of deitydom.

Work ethic

His colleagues and knowns state that he is of such kind that neither he takes a retake while singing and strictly confirms the stories behind his songs and equally their lyrics . He is a dictionary of around 300 traditional songs most of which are still unknown to the masses.


1st Album ASHA- APKA ASHIRWAAD music Surender Negi
Link- http://musichunterz.in/albview.php?al=Asha%20Apka%20Ashirwaad
1- Jouta-Badhaal Ka Boir
2- Tikka Sahab Bushahr
3- Jhalta Ke Gadar Ki Nati
4- Raja Barthri Ka Brahmkhada
5- Dundi ( Vol. 1)
6- Rupi,Shoji- Pathan
7- Nanniyae Gey
8- Court Marriage
9- Shangri

2nd Album ASHAYEIN- THE FOLK NOTE music Surender Negi Link- http://musichunterz.in/albview.php?al=Ashayein-The%20Folk%20Note
1 Dundi ( Vol.2 )
2 Goli Naag Ki Rohru Jatar
3 Guddu Sirta Ki Barta
4 Jai Singh Ranjha Ki Barta
5 Jouta-Badhaal ( Vol.2)
6 Khoond Kanaal Ka Boir
7 Madhosingh Raja – Maesti Betti
8 Maundeva Ho
9 Nittu Khokta Ki Barta
10 Rupu Ki Nati
11 Sulae Sulae Piyae Tulsirama
12 Zanzey Kalanau Rey
13 Ziuni Dai

3rd Album PARAMPARA music Surender Negi Link- http://musichunterz.in/albview.php?al=PARAMPARA
1- Aansiya
2- Kaulirama
3- Maesti Garibi – Negi Paulsram ( Melthi Ki Thhari )
4- Malku
5- Raunsia Beera
6- Roop Singh Negi
7- Satish Sethi Ki Barta
8- Sildaar
9- Taanu
10- Tikmeya
11- Tullu Badhaldu

4th Album DASTOOR Non- Stop 1 & 2 music Surender Negi Link- www.cfolk.in
1- Baana
2- Bhaulkoo Sargent
3- Chhedua Chainrama
4- Maesti Sauki – Saui Bali
5- Gadhi- Madhuram
6- Seotiya
7- Maanyie
8- Meri Praunthi
9- Begae Motva Bakra
10- Suri Rey Huey Umrau Pure
11- Ho Deva Raziya

5th Album GATHA music-Surender Negi Link- www.cfolk.in
1- Numberdaar Harichand Khimta


By Chirag Jyoti


Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

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